Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Rodents

As part of a personal project this line-up comes from a short story that I am currently writing. A medieval world with battles between rivaling Rodents being fought in the forests. Had a lot of fun with it and each one of these guys has a history of their own.
Thanks for watching.


Ray Bonilla said...


Louis Cypher said...

Thanks Ray

Mino L said...

Awesome Awesome!!!!!!

Joyce Carmo said...

Hi! I just happened to see your art through a page about art on Facebook, and thanks for their sharing the credits of the image I came to found your blog!

This is really awesome! I love rodents and armours, and I do have a little personal project about it too, but just mice! :)

I loved these concepts, nice job.

Cheers from Brazil!

XD Pig said...

Ummm... Anyone heard of Redwall??? You might want to look into it before you write.. just saying.

Shelley Shearer said...

Do you sell prints? I'd love to get one of the archer mouse. Thanks,