Friday, May 13, 2011

The Rise

My latest piece was really a challenge. It all started with a simple sketch for a project. They ended up wanting me to execute another idea (the result you can see a few posts earlier), but I somehow kept looking back to that original idea. My good friend Tyler told me to just paint that one for myself and I decided to dive into it. Feeling the need to challenge myself I expanded the original sketch and really tried to push my own abilities.

The mood was key for me and really a journey to complete. Along the way I feel I learned a lot and won some battles while losing others.

As for the theme. Perhaps I have already exclaimed my love for H.P. Lovecraft yet I always felt so strange that there was so little really good artwork depicting his chilling tales or ancient gods. Thus, I named this piece the Rise - as in the rise of the old, resurfacing of the unknown, an ancient cult bringing forth Cthulhu from his long sleep in the depth of the ocean.