Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hawx 2 - Artwork

Happy 2011 to those I haven't met in the new year.
Finally I can show something from Ubisoft that I've worked on. Creating the cover for Hawx 2 was a long process but what you see here is only a fraction of all the sketches I did for it. The way we worked (Art director and me) was collecting as many ideas for compositions and then using any means to make it look top notch even though they were only sketches. I began doing black/white sketches but later moved on to using 3d renders of the pilot and and photos for backgrounds with lots of Photoshop painting.

At the very bottom you can see the landscape version and then the final pack version that we ended up using.

As these would otherwise never see the light of day I thought I should share them with you.