Saturday, November 17, 2012

Merchant of Venus

Over a year ago now I was asked to do a series of characters for a board game called Merchant of Venus. The thrill was that the Art Director really liked my work and trusted me to design all of the characters for the game when they usually have several artists work on such projects. The twist: I had a month to concept and illustrate 20 characters, aliens and robots next to my full time job. I had a blast doing this project and even though I was forced execute them without any real explorations I'm pretty happy with what gushed out of my gut instinct at the time. One of the characters is a virus that takes over it's host - his portrait is a petri dish.

Part 2 of the story is that once I completed all of the work (with additional character thumbnails) I received the news that the game was tied up in legal disputes and might never be published and due to the NDA I would never be able to show the work...gah. Luckily they were able to resolve them eventually - and now, after such a long time I am happy to announce that it is out and finally, finally I can share it with you. 

Thanks for looking. 


Ray Bonilla said...

wow beautiful work Johannes. Congrats on the awesome job!

Louis Cypher said...

Thanks Ray!