Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Putting your Mind to the Pixels

Time to post some of the things I've been playing around with. Finished the Giants adding some details as to how they would be outfitted for battle. Next is the camouflaged defense system. Having fun with putting to pixel whatever comes to my mind these days. Hope you enjoy!


zampolART said...

Nice ! I like the van thats pretty sweet great detail on the guns and robotics. I really like the forearm and hand on the right side giant with the shield bracelet the way the light is reflecting looks amazing !

miri said...

hello bored in class and browsing blogs written by ppl i know

i can see u're "utilizing" ur work time well by these nice drawings! good job! and i can't wait to see the whole scifi/fantasy thing complete as a set.

Louis Cypher said...

hehe - yes it's amazing how much can be done in your lunch break :)