Thursday, February 5, 2009

Land of Pipes

Second environment. One of my ideas was that the machines use water to produce energy. So at one point our hero travels through this landscape of huge pipes. As before I have a enlarged part of the image to show the details.


nick said...


Im digging your new work..especially your change in format. If i may comment, the figures in each piece are so small that they become almost a third read. I didn't notice them until inspecting the close-up crops. Keep it up!


Louis Cypher said...

thx dude. The third read is actually intended since I really wanted the people only to give a sense of scale and atmosphere. Its a bit of a struggle because we tend to focus so strongly on people but here I wanted the environment to tell a story.

Daily Dose of Two Scoops said...

I think you have done a very nice job making the environment tell the story.

I like your work.

Louis Cypher said...

thx man, appreciate it.